Stay Younger Longer™

Achieve a dramatically increased healthspan with the power of cutting-edge science and technology

Younger Phenotype introduces a new paradigm: the individualized management of aging

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Younger Phenotype’s Aging Management System™ makes the individualized management of aging practical. The Younger System™ is the first technology that can demonstrate, scientifically, that individual efforts to combat aging have, or have not, been successful.

The Younger System exploits a deeper understanding of factors that promote aging, including inflammation, the disordered gut microbiome and insulin resistance.

The Younger System consists of three integrated components to measure and optimize biological function:

    1.  Tools and tests for the precise measurement of aging and health
    2. A cloud-based platform based upon mobile device applications 
    3. An R&D platform for the development of nutraceutical and pharmacological products 

Tom Nufert: The Visionary Scientist
Behind The Younger System™

Younger Phenotype's co-founder pioneered
the individualized management of aging

Tom Nufert

The justification for our value proposition stems from scientific understandings put forward by the late Tom Nufert, our co-founder. His visionary scientific ideas were verified through successful implementation in dozens of clients, whom he served as an unique biomedical consultant over a 40 year career.