Younger Phenotype

About Us

Tom Nufert Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Thomas H. Nufert is the visionary entrepreneur behind Younger Phenotype.  His unique perspectives on the relationship of insulin resistance to the loss of overall biological function lay at the foundation of Younger Phenotype.  These perspectives derive from two major experiences:  First, in 1986, Mr. Nufert founded Thomas Research Corporation (TRC), the first company to target insulin resistance.  For over three decades, Mr. Nufert has advanced this field and the hypothesis that insulin resistance underlies aging.  Scientific research has now clearly established insulin resistance as central to aging.  Second, for 35 years he served as a biomedical consultant assisting physicians and their patients suffering from intractable diseases and conditions.  These consulting services involved acquiring deep knowledge in multiple biomedical fields, sophisticated techniques of knowledge acquisition, collaborations with physicians and academic investigators, and hands-on work with patients.

Mr. Nufert also advances important understandings of the role of the hypothalamus in relationship to the neuroendocrine mechanisms of aging as a Research Scientist at the Center for Research and Education on Aging (CREA), University of California, Berkeley.

Prior to Younger Phenotype, Mr. Nufert co-founded Nanopolymer Systems, a nanotechnology company,served as its Vice-President of Corporate Development and remains a board member.  He was a co-founder and Vice-President of Research and Development of Array BioSciences, Inc. (Oakland, CA).  He served as the Chairman and CEO of TRC (Hayward, CA).  TRC’s science attracted a number of scientists including Nobel laureates Melvin Calvin and Henry Taube.  He is a co-inventor on a number of patents and patent applications.

He founded Thomas Laboratories, which developed Arth-Relief™, a novel, copper-containing topical analgesic OTC drug.  Mr. Nufert was responsible for all aspects of product and business development from product inception through regulatory affairs, analytical and validation processes, distribution, marketing and sales.

He has been fortunate to have an unusual education.  This includes formal interdisciplinary studies (BA, The Evergreen State College), valuable informal mentoring from Nobel laureates and research-oriented physicians, and decades of self-learning as an autodidact.  In addition, he studied economics, food science and physiological psychology at University of Illinois (Springfield) and electronics at DeVry University (Chicago).  He has also worked for Perkin Elmer Corporation (Coleman Instrument Division).

David Kreimer, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

David Kreimer, Ph.D. is the Chief Operating Officer of Younger Phenotype.  Dr. Kreimer contributed to the foundation of Younger Phenotype by helping crystallize its focus and mission and by inventing critical elements of the company’s technology.  With over 35 years of experience in biotechnology industry and the biological sciences, he brings both business leadership skills and sophisticated scientific expertise to Younger Phenotype.

Dr. Kreimer also advances important understandings of the role of the hypothalamus in relationship to the neuroendocrine mechanisms of aging as a Research Scientist at the Center for Research and Education on Aging (CREA), University of California, Berkeley.

Prior to co-founding Younger Phenotype, he co-founded MSM Protein Technologies, Inc., a therapeutic antibody discovery company and served as Chief Operating Officer, and later as President.  There he was instrumental in bringing to success a number of collaborative projects, including major collaborations with Cambridge Antibody Technology/AstraZeneka, Merck-Serono, and DebioPharm.  He also co-founded and provided leadership for MSM’s subsidiary Meprotek (Pushchino, Moscow area, Russia).  Currently he continues to serve as a member of the MSM Board of Directors.

He was Vice President of Research at Tienta Sciences, Inc./ InProteo Consortium (Eli Lilly, and Purdue and Indiana University).  David Kreimer served as co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Array BioScience Corporation.  Dr. Kreimer consulted for several companies such as Clontech Laboratories, Inc.  He is a co-inventor on a number of patents and patent applications.

He performed post-doctoral research at advanced institutions including the Weizmann Institute of Science and University of California, Berkeley.  He was awarded a Ph.D. degree in biophysics for his research in protein-lipid interactions at the Institute of Biological Physics (Pushchino), USSR Academy of Sciences.

Eli Silver, M.D. 
Director of the Younger Phenotype Longevity Center

Dr. Silver is a licensed physician and surgeon in California.

He graduated with an A.B. degree in biology (with honors) from Harvard University, where he received a John Harvard Scholarship.  During this time, he attended Imperial College in London for a year, where he was awarded the Sir Arthur Acland Prize for excellence in humanities.

Prior to medical school, he conducted research in the fields of cancer, aging, and nutrition at the University of California, Berkeley, with Professor Bruce Ames, Ph.D.  This research culminated in his co-authorship of an influential review paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Silver’s M.D. degree is from the University of California, Irvine.  His internship was at the Alameda County Medical Center/Highland Hospital, Oakland, California and dermatology residency at McGill University, Montreal.

Dr. Silver is a Board Certified Dermatologist, a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.  His private practice and offices are in Napa, California.

Jerry Stine
Director of Customer Relations

Mr. Stine brings to Younger Phenotype 39 years of hands-on experience in the fields of nutrition, wellbeing fitness, marketing and customer care.  This experience is derived from serving in multiple positions in industry and working as a consultant to thousands of clients who sought his expertise in nutrition, wellness, and athletic training.

Mr. Stine founded and served as president of Metabolic Technologies, Inc., a company marketing specialized nutrient products.  He founded and served as director of the Lifespan Institute providing nutritional consulting programs for health and longevity enhancement, product development, and marketing consulting.  Prior to that, he founded and served as president of Health Evaluations, Inc., a non-profit corporation that developed programs to prevent disease and maintain lasting health.  The company conducted a nationwide program to screen for lead, mercury, and other toxic metals.  More than 13,000 individuals were screened with over 300 individuals referred for medical evaluation and treatment.

Mr. Stine served as director of the allergy testing lab of the medical practice of Michael Rosenbaum M. D., focusing on environmental medicine and chronic fatigue.  Mr. Stine completely reorganized the lab, hired technical personnel, and streamlined laboratory procedures; patient outcomes improved and revenues doubled.

Mr. Stine’s broad customer service experience includes that of director of Technical Support at Allergy Research Group, a premier developer and vendor of nutraceuticals for health care professionals, health food stores, and catalogue sales.  He served as a consultant to Vitamin Research Products.  He provided technical support to staff and customers and contributed to product formulation and marketing planning.  He developed and conducted a Test Guided Nutrition Program.  He also served as a consultant to Sportech, Inc., the sports medicine division of 24 Hour Fitness where he developed their nutritional programs.

Mr. Stine studied chemistry, physiology and statistics at Sacramento State University.