About Us

Younger Phenotype is the first company to empower the individual to manage aging, utilizing our original scientific research, proprietary understandings, and successful experience with early adopters of our technology.

Younger Phenotype’s Aging Management System™ (the “Younger System™”) exploits a deeper understanding of factors that promote aging, including inflammation, the disordered microbiome and insulin resistance. The Younger System makes aging management practical. It has the potential to be the first system that can demonstrate, scientifically, to each individual, that their efforts to combat aging have, in fact, been successful. 

The Younger System consists of three integrated components to measure and optimize biological function: 

  1. Tools and tests for measurement of aging and health
  2. An Integrated cloud-based technology platform, website and device apps
  3. An R&D platform for the development of nutraceutical and pharmacological products including signature foods and OTC drugs for functional improvement.

Younger Phenotype generates revenues from membership fees and sales of proprietary and rebranded nutraceutical products. No FDA approvals are required. Initially, the company will offer Younger System subscriptions directly to consumers. Further on, the company will tap into the lucrative insurance market by helping insurance companies to drastically reduce their costs.