AcheRelief™ is uniquely designed to:

  • Reliably take your pain away
  • Overcome pain-imposed limitations
  • Help you achieve your goal of long-term healing.

Does pain hamper your active lifestyle? Do you suffer from arthritis? Stiff with muscle and joint aches? Recuperating from injury? Athletic recovery problems? Our patent-pending copper cream AcheRelief™ is uniquely designed to help you with these critical matters by temporarily alleviating minor aches and pains in joints and muscles.

Just gently massage our unique therapeutic copper cream into a painful area, confidently applying the right amount of the cream each time. Watch a short video below about how to apply the cream.

The Bigger Picture

Our scientists designed AcheRelief with a bigger picture in mind — to help you on your path to healing. This means helping you to restore biological functions and enable you to enjoy higher levels of physical activity. Emergent science now shows that increased physical activity slows the pace of aging.

Intriguingly, according to users, AcheRelief appears to provide an unexpected and invaluable benefit. Long-term users of our copper cream report: restored joint function, pain free mobility, and no longer need our product (see “Testimonials”). In these cases, AcheRelief users seem to achieve complete healing of joints and other painful areas. See “Description.”

Learn more about how AcheRelief can help you to regain mobility, enjoy a more active lifestyle, and slow your pace of aging! In addition, read how you can benefit from ten product features that distinguish AcheRelief from all other products and make it the best product on the market to facilitate your path to healing (see “Why AcheRelief™?”). 

Under “Healing Your Condition”, you can find more details about how AcheRelief helps users with painful conditions, such as: back pain, knee and hip arthritis, pinched nerves, arthritis of the hands, wrists and fingers, muscle pain and soreness, tennis elbow, diabetic neuropathic pain, and with a number of unusual maladies, like insect bites. 

Remarkable observations about AcheRelief helping users to go beyond temporary pain relief have been heartening. These deserve thorough scientific and clinical investigation. Please help us to confirm these observations, by sharing your personal experience with AcheRelief and how it helped you on your path to healing.

Product History

AcheRelief™ is an advanced version of Arth-Relief™, a proprietary topical analgesic drug developed and first brought to the market in 1983, by Thomas H. Nufert, Younger’s Co-Founder.  Arth-Relief demonstrated a remarkable capacity to reduce pain and improve mobility of joints and muscles.  Surprisingly, regular users of Arth-Relief reported much longer pain-free periods, beyond that expected from the composition of the drug.  Arth-Relief enabled thousands of customers to be free of pain and to move easily again!  Based upon extensive experience and analysis of the use of Arth-Relief, Younger Phenotype has developed AcheRelief and brought it to our customers.

Application Instructions and Product Demonstration


Color Dosage-Indicator Testing

The purpose of this small-scale study was to evaluate the performance of the AcheRelief color dosage-indicator and to ascertain whether skin color would interfere with the interpretation of the color dosage-indicator

Five volunteers, 3 males and 2 females, who had minor pains in various parts of their body were selected as participants.  Skin color varied from white to brown to very dark brown, namely:  a very tanned skin (a white male with lower back and hip pain); a non-tanned white male (right knee); a dark-skinned female of Middle-Eastern origin (both knees); a light brown-skinned African-American female (right knee), and a deep brown-skinned African-American male (the left hand, thumb joint).

The participants used the cream from 3 to 10 days.  All participants applied the cream onto their respective affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily, as guided by the label directions.  Each time, they added a small portion of the cream onto affected area of the skin and rubbed the cream into the skin.  Regardless of the color of the skin, all participants reported that they clearly saw initially the blue color of the applied cream.  As they rubbed the cream into the skin, the color gradually diminished, turning into white, followed by the color vanishing.  They also reported that, as guided by the label directions, repetition of the application/rubbing cycle was accompanied by the same color change pattern – from blue to white to clear.  They also noted, that as described under the label directions, typically, in the first two to three cycles, the change from white to clear required approximately the same number of rubbing strokes and the same time (1 to 4 minutes), but the third to fifth cycle was characterized by a noticeably slower conversion from white to clear.  Again, as per the label directions, no further cycles were performed by the participants.

Typically, the whole application took a few minutes, except when a large area was treated, which took up to 10 minutes.  In first cycles, a small amount of cream was rubbed-in by about 20 to 40 rubbing strokes (one back and one forth movement of the rubbing hand constitutes one stroke).  For the very last cycle, 40 to 80 strokes were typically required.

All participants reported consistent pain relief of typical duration of several hours.  Each participant experienced pain-free periods of roughly the same duration.  The duration varied from about 2 to 4 hours to up to 24 hours among the group.

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Additional Information

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