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Martial Arts Champion Uses CopperUp with AcheRelief For Faster Recovery

Upon a thorough review of the current state of the art in aging measurements, we realized that the entire scientific community is suffering from the same problem: there are no means to measure aging in the individual on a reasonable time scale, which we consider to be two years or less. The shortest time scale that can currently be achieved is six years.

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Knee Joint Pain

AcheRelief Testimonial: Bill Hieb, Ph.D.

In this video, long time AcheRelief customer Bill Hieb, a researcher at UC Berkeley specializing in nutrition and toxicology, explains how he was able to use our product to relieve severe pain caused by bone-on-bone osteoarthritis, and how he was able to regain the full function and mobility of his right knee and avoiding the need for major surgery to replace his right knee joint.

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Rub It In! How to Properly Apply AcheRelief

In order to achieve the maximum benefit from using AcheRelief, it is essential that the product be applied properly. In this short video, you will learn the proper technique to ensure that the affected area is fully saturated with AcheRelief. This method not only delivers the most effective pain relief, it also uses the minimum amount of AcheRelief necessary to get the job done, which saves you money.

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AcheRelief Now Available on Amazon

AcheRelief™ can now be purchased on Amazon. After an arduous process, we are delighted to be able to fulfill purchases through this retailer. Amazon adds a new dimension to not only our product availability on additional mediums, but also our ability to take advantage of an incredibly rich marketplace.

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HSA/FSA Reimbursement for AcheRelief

Users of AcheRelief with HSA/FSA may now apply for reimbursement. Simply go online with your HSA/FSA administrator and select the “Pay Me Back” option and submit the email receipt you received for your purchase.

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