Information for Investors

Younger Phenotype’s Aging Management System™ makes the individualized management of aging practical. The Younger System™ is the first technology that can demonstrate, scientifically, that individual efforts to combat aging have, or have not, been successful.

The Younger System exploits a deeper understanding of factors that promote aging, including inflammation, the disordered gut microbiome and insulin resistance.

The Younger System consists of four integrated components to measure and optimize biological function:

  1. Tools and tests for the precise measurement of aging
  2. A cloud-based platform based upon mobile device applications that provides feedback to the customer based upon our analysis of their data
  3. A retail platform for the sale of proprietary and licensed anti-aging products
  4. An R&D platform for the development of novel nutraceutical, OTC and other pharmacological products, and diagnostic devices.

Younger Phenotype generates revenues from membership fees, service fees and sales of proprietary and rebranded nutraceutical products. Initially, the company will offer Younger System subscriptions directly to consumers. Based on our data and deeper understanding of the science, the Younger System will delay the onset of age-related diseases. Diseases of aging constitute the bulk of medical care expenditures. Further on, as clinical data are accumulated that validate the System’s capabilities to delay the onset of the diseases of aging, it might be anticipated that, considering the substantial cost savings, insurance companies will want to underwrite their members’ subscriptions to the Younger System.

One company has validated this business model, with great success. Virta Health currently offers a system for managing and reversing type 2 diabetes, which drastically reduces the cost of diabetes care for their clients, saving them $425 per patient per month (PPPM)—more than $10k over two years!

Our first anti-aging product is AcheRelief, which is designed to restore function and delay the effects of aging by helping our customers to remain active (a lack of activity being one of the main drivers of aging). In addition to AcheRelief, the company is advancing an intellectual property portfolio, which we anticipate will result in over a dozen additional anti-aging products being added to our pipeline.