Jerry Stine

Director of Customer Relations

Jerry Stine

Mr. Stine brings to Younger Phenotype 39 years of hands-on experience in the fields of nutrition, well-being, fitness, marketing and customer care. This experience is derived from serving in multiple positions in industry and working as a consultant to thousands of clients who sought his expertise in nutrition, wellness, and athletic training. 


Mr. Stine was founder and president of Metabolic Technologies, Inc., a company marketing specialized nutrient products. He founded and served as director of the Lifespan Institute, providing nutritional consulting programs for health and longevity enhancement, product development, and marketing consulting. Prior to that, he was founder and president of Health Evaluations, Inc., a non-profit corporation that developed programs to prevent disease and maintain lasting health. The company conducted a nationwide program to screen for lead, mercury, and other toxic metals. More than 13,000 individuals were screened with over 300 individuals referred for medical evaluation and treatment. Mr. Stine served as director of the allergy testing lab of the medical practice of Michael Rosenbaum M. D., focusing on environmental medicine and chronic fatigue. Mr. Stine completely reorganized the lab, hired technical personnel, and streamlined laboratory procedures; patient outcomes improved and revenues doubled. 


Mr. Stine’s broad customer service experience includes that of director of Technical Support at Allergy Research Group, a premier developer and vendor of nutraceuticals for health care professionals, health food stores, and catalog sales. He served as a consultant to Vitamin Research Products. He provided technical support to staff and customers and contributed to product formulation and marketing planning. He developed and conducted a Test Guided Nutrition Program. He also served as a consultant to Sportech, Inc., the sports medicine division of 24 Hour Fitness where he developed their nutritional programs. 


Mr. Stine studied chemistry, physiology and statistics at Sacramento State University.