Our Purpose

We help optimize biological function to maintain a robust, healthy life into advanced age.

Recent scientific advances show that the problem of aging is rooted in the loss of biological function.  This loss of function manifests in multiple ways, including a subtle, yet noticeable, decline in the capacity to engage in day-to-day activities.  Age-related diseases are intimately linked to the loss of biological function.  An emergent understanding in the scientific community is that aging is the loss of biological function.

Younger Phenotype Inc., located in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area, is the first company to offer a practical, individualized approach for aging management.  We achieve this by helping you to measure biological function, devise a course of action, and appropriately adjust life-style factors to restore and maintain biological function.

With our technology, you can expect improved health, increased performance, and a substantial delay and avoidance of age-related diseases.  These improvements are consistent with being more youthful, i.e., achieving a younger phenotype[1].

Phenotype is the entire makeup of an individual, including genes.  We cannot change genes (genotype), but many environmental factors that affect the total body’s makeup (phenotype) are controllable.  Our name, Younger Phenotype signifies our goal – to help our members stay younger longer by attaining a more youthful phenotype.  We provide a highly integrated, convenient and practical System[2] for managing these environmental factors to achieve a younger phenotype. Currently, the System is only available to select early adopters, pending scalability.

In addition, our R & D team is constantly searching for novel approaches and products aimed to slow human aging.  Our first product, Ache-Relief™ allows sufferers of muscle/joint pain to be more physically active.  This proprietary topical analgesic cream facilitates behaviors that are scientifically demonstrated to be associated with staying younger. 

Think of Younger Phenotype Inc. as your means to Stay Younger Longer! ™

[1] Phenotype is “the entire physical, biochemical and physiological makeup of an individual as determined both genetically and environmentally, as opposed to genotype.  Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition, 1994  

[2] The Younger Phenotype Aging Management System™; see https://youngerphenotype.com/science-and-technology/