Product Pipeline


Younger Phenotype is advancing a portfolio of anti-aging products, ranging from immediately marketable drug products to novel proprietary foods. This portfolio includes our first product on the market, AcheRelief, and a number of future products based upon the company’s intellectual property. There are four categories—drugs, cosmetics, diagnostics and medical foods/nutraceuticals:

    1.  Drugs
      1. AcheRelief is our patent-pending flagship product. The company has employed its platform technology and extensive know-how in copper-complexation chemistry to being this product to market. A strong scientific basis exists for the use of copper based products in treating a range of inflammatory conditions, including arthritis and wound healing.  Our customers report that AcheRelief relieves pain from injuries, ailments and strenuous physical activity. In addition, many of those, who consistently use the product over an extended period of time, report not only faster healing of injuries, but also actual repair of chronic conditions, precluding the need for expensive surgeries such as knee joint replacements.

 Prospective drugs include:

    1. A novel topical pain relief formulation with anti-inflammatory activity —The U.S. topical pain relief market is projected to reach $3.3 billion by 2027
    2. A novel pain relief product for metastatic bone cancer patients—The global cancer pain market is estimated to reach $10.3 billion by 2030
    3. A novel topical treatment for toe and fingernail fungus—The onychomycosis market is expected to reach approximately $3.8 billion by 2026
  1. Cosmetics
      1.  An anti-varicose vein treatment—The global varicose vein treatment market is projected to reach over a half billion dollars by 2025
      2. A cosmetic product to boost collagen in the skin—The global collagen market size is expected to reach $16.7 billion by 2028
  2. Diagnostics
      1. Home-based screening technology for risk factors for prostate cancer.
      2. Home-based screening technology for risk factors for GI tract disturbances.
      3. A novel device for measuring ketones in the urine.
      4. Point-of-care tests for breast cancer risk factors

3. Medicinal Foods/Nutraceuticals

      1. A marine product for increasing collagen biosynthesis which counteracts the aging of arteries, skin and connective tissue.
      2. A marine product for improving gastrointestinal tract functions. 
      3. A safer selenium supplement for heart, liver and kidney conditions.
      4. A medicinal food for managing insulin resistance. 
      5. A marine product that delivers a bioactive nutrient for joint and connective tissue repair