AcheRelief™ is uniquely designed to:

  • reliably take your pain away
  • overcome pain-imposed limitations, and
  • help you achieve your goal of long-term healing.

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One out of five Americans live with pain. Does pain hamper your active lifestyle? Do you suffer from arthritis? Stiff with muscle and joint aches? Recuperating from injury? Athletic recovery problems? Our patent-pending copper cream, AcheRelief™, is uniquely designed to help you with these critical matters by temporarily alleviating minor aches and pains in joints and muscles, but there is more. 

According to users, AcheRelief provides invaluable benefits.  A number of long-term users of AcheRelief report that they no longer need to apply the cream because they have completely restored function and are pain-free (see under the “Testimonials” tab).   In these cases, AcheRelief seems to have enabled complete healing of joints and other painful areas. 

The growing number of remarkable observations of AcheRelief helping sufferers to go beyond temporary relief of pain deserves a thorough scientific and clinical investigation.  Toward the goal of clinical studies, to confirm these observations, we are collecting user’s observations and invite you to share with us the details of how AcheRelief helped you heal.  Even if it didn’t help you, we’d like to know! 

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Product History

AcheRelief™ is an advanced version of Arth-Relief™, a proprietary topical analgesic drug developed and first brought to the market in 1983, by Thomas H. Nufert, Younger’s Co-Founder.  Arth-Relief demonstrated a remarkable capacity to reduce pain and improve mobility of joints and muscles.  Surprisingly, regular users of Arth-Relief reported much longer pain-free periods, beyond that expected from the composition of the drug.  Arth-Relief enabled thousands of customers to be free of pain and to move easily again!  Based upon extensive experience and analysis of the use of Arth-Relief, Younger Phenotype has developed AcheRelief and brought it to our customers.


Application Instructions and Product Demonstration


Color Dosage-Indicator Testing

The purpose of this small-scale study was to evaluate the performance of the AcheRelief color dosage-indicator and to ascertain whether skin color would interfere with the interpretation of the color dosage-indicator

Five volunteers, 3 males and 2 females, who had minor pains in various parts of their body were selected as participants.  Skin color varied from white to brown to very dark brown, namely:  a very tanned skin (a white male with lower back and hip pain); a non-tanned white male (right knee); a dark-skinned female of Middle-Eastern origin (both knees); a light brown-skinned African-American female (right knee), and a deep brown-skinned African-American male (the left hand, thumb joint).

The participants used the cream from 3 to 10 days.  All participants applied the cream onto their respective affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily, as guided by the label directions.  Each time, they added a small portion of the cream onto affected area of the skin and rubbed the cream into the skin.  Regardless of the color of the skin, all participants reported that they clearly saw initially the blue color of the applied cream.  As they rubbed the cream into the skin, the color gradually diminished, turning into white, followed by the color vanishing.  They also reported that, as guided by the label directions, repetition of the application/rubbing cycle was accompanied by the same color change pattern – from blue to white to clear.  They also noted, that as described under the label directions, typically, in the first two to three cycles, the change from white to clear required approximately the same number of rubbing strokes and the same time (1 to 4 minutes), but the third to fifth cycle was characterized by a noticeably slower conversion from white to clear.  Again, as per the label directions, no further cycles were performed by the participants.

Typically, the whole application took a few minutes, except when a large area was treated, which took up to 10 minutes.  In first cycles, a small amount of cream was rubbed-in by about 20 to 40 rubbing strokes (one back and one forth movement of the rubbing hand constitutes one stroke).  For the very last cycle, 40 to 80 strokes were typically required.

All participants reported consistent pain relief of typical duration of several hours.  Each participant experienced pain-free periods of roughly the same duration.  The duration varied from about 2 to 4 hours to up to 24 hours among the group.

For more information on the study and findings, please click here:


Additional Information

Manufactured in the United States of America

Please contact Younger Phenotype at ordersupport@youngerphenotype.com for inquiries or questions.

Weight 2.97 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Active Ingredient

Menthol 1.5% (topical analgesic; pain relief)

Inactive Ingredients

Cetearyl alcohol, cupric sulfate, HCl (for pH adjustment), L-leucine, mineral oil, oleth-20, petrolatum, polysorbates 20 and 60, propylene glycol, PEG-75 lanolin, methyl and propyl parabens, sodium hydroxide (for pH adjustment), water.

Why AcheRelief™?

  • AcheRelief™ is a far safer alternative than painkiller pills that can cause side effects leading to over 100,000 hospitalizations per year.
  • You achieve reliable pain relief delivery every time due to a unique color dosage-indicator technology. Read More
  • Intriguingly, AcheRelief may help you find your path to actual healing of painful joints by harnessing the power of the body’s natural healing factors. Read More
  • Optimally utilize the active ingredient, menthol. Read More
  • Enjoy social interactions without offending others. Read More
  • Save money by avoiding excessive application of the cream. Read More
  • Nurture and sooth painful areas with each application. Read More
  • AcheRelief™ is unlikely to irritate even highly sensitive skin with repeated applications due to superior design.
  • A quality, risk-free product: advanced scientific formulation; compliant with FDA regulations for OTC topical analgesics; manufactured at FDA-certified facilities in California.
  • If not completely satisfied, 100% Money Back Guarantee (See Money Back Guarantee tab above).

Regain Mobility, Enjoy A More Active Lifestyle, Slow Your Pace of Aging!

An active lifestyle is a key to good health and slows the pace of aging. Yet, despite the urging by doctors to exercise more, activity universally declines with age. Stop blaming yourself for inadequate physical activity; often there is an unappreciated cause – pain!

To escape the vicious cycle of pain-inactivity-aging, our scientists devised an Incremental Improvement Strategy based on unique benefits of AcheRelief™. By temporarily relieving pain, mobility increases. You can then enjoy more activity. Over time, with incremental increases in physical activity, your wellbeing improves and you’ll slow the pace of aging.

Also, is your sleep disrupted by pain? Soothe your pain with AcheRelief™, fall asleep easier, and enjoy a good night’s rest. Over time, quality sleep will help you repair your brain and other tissues to regain functionality.

As scientists, we strive to fulfill our Company’s mission — to slow the pace of aging by retaining youthful functionality. AcheRelief™, the first of our portfolio products, was specifically designed to empower the individual to regain functionality. AcheRelief™ may be your key for escaping from the vicious cycle of pain-inactivity-aging and poor sleep. Over time, AcheRelief™ can help slow your pace of aging by enabling a more active, youthful lifestyle.

Highlights and Drug Facts

  • Helps to regain mobility, enjoy a more active lifestyle, and slow the pace of aging (see Science and Technology)
  • Offers the promise of improved functionality beyond expectation (see Testimonials Tab and Science and Technology)
  • A far safer alternative than painkiller pills
  • Distinctive beautiful ocean-blue color of copper changes to signal skin saturation
  • Reliable pain relief delivery every time
  • Optimal utilization of the active ingredient, menthol
  • No medicinal odor – enjoy social interactions without offending others
  • A light scent of menthol vanishes soon after application
  • Economical — a jar lasts longer due to avoidance of excessive application of the cream
  • Unlikely to irritate even highly sensitive skin with repeated applications
  • A quality, risk-free product due to advanced scientific formulation (patent pending)
  • Compliant with FDA regulations for OTC topical analgesics
  • Manufactured at FDA-certified facilities in California
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (see Money Back Guarantee Tab), if not completely satisfied
  • Read more at Why AcheRelief™ Tab?


Temporarily relieves the minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with:

  • simple backache
  • arthritis
  • strains
  • bruises
  • sprains

Active Ingredients

Menthol 1.5% (topical analgesic; pain relief)

Inactive Ingredients

Cetearyl alcohol, cupric sulfate, HCl (for pH adjustment), L-leucine, mineral oil, oleth-20, petrolatum, polysorbates 20 and 60, propylene glycol, PEG-75 lanolin, methyl and propyl parabens, sodium hydroxide (for pH adjustment), water.


Use only as directed, adults and children 12 years of age and older: Apply to affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily.
Typical application takes just a few minutes: add a small portion, rub, and see as you rub how the dosage-indicator color changes from blue to white to clear. Repeat “add, rub and see™” until white is slow to disappear.


For external use only.

Do not use

  • on wounds or damaged skin
  • with a heating pad
  • on a child under 12 years of age with arthritis-like conditions

Ask a doctor before use if you have redness over the affected area.
When using this product

  • avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes
  • do not bandage tightly

Stop use and ask a doctor if

  • condition worsens or symptoms persist for more than 7 days
  • symptoms clear up and occur again within a few days
  • excessive skin irritation occurs

Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Other Information

Close cap tightly. Store at room temperature. Clothing stains will wash out.
AcheRelief is an over-the-counter drug that does not require a prescription.


Charlie Davis, NFL Defensive Tackle, Super Bowl IX Champion,

“I’ve had discomfort in my shoulder since my playing days in the NFL…When applying AcheRelief, the relief was almost instant…”

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Alice Miller, 

“… Ache Relief is my one and only pain relief. I only have to apply it three times per day now for diminished pain and I experience prolonged relief. With Ache Relief and physiotherapy, I am no longer in debilitating pain and absolutely see a return to normal use of my hand.”

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Bill Hieb, Ph.D, 

“… astonished to find that pain was greatly reduced! …lower back (sciatica, sacroiliitis), hip (trochanteric bursitis), cervical spine, shoulder (rotator cuff), wrists, and thumbs… amazing results repeatedly with my hip, cervical spine, shoulder, wrists, and thumbs. …“bone-on-bone” arthritis of the knee … Now I walk several miles a day without pain or discomfort and without a cane!” 

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“… sprained my thumb while playing volleyball. After applying [the copper cream AcheRelief], … in a week, the pain was gone completely!” 

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Raisa K, M.D.

“I am an 85-year-old retired physician … with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a form of nerve damage … [It] felt like I was walking on unbearably hot sand … along with … needles going through the flesh … I was skeptical that it [AcheRelief] could help with neuropathic pain … What I observed astonished me. … A few days later, the pain in my toes and heels disappeared! … I can wholeheartedly recommend AcheRelief because it resulted in nothing less than “miraculous improvement“ in my diabetic peripheral neuropathy.” 

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Michelle M,

“Around the eight day of the injury and after applying other remedies and patches, I thought to put AcheRelief on my spine. Wow! What a relief. Within ten minutes the pain was almost completely resolved… I only had to apply the cream a few times and it not only removed the inflammation, but it is as if the cream actually healed the injury, as in ‘healing the damaged tissue into new normal cells/tissue’… I can say without any hesitation that AcheRelief works on pain, new and old injuries alike.”

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Svetlana R,

“the finger became flexible and mobile again… movement no longer caused pain!… the finger became completely functional and normal… healed completely!”

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Genie L.

“the knee looks normal again and no longer hurts… relief from severe back pain… and all kinds of traumatic and arthritic pain”

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Aleksandr S,

“…fell several feet onto my right knee … with terrible bruising and severe pain… [By using AcheRelief] knee was less swollen and the pain diminished… It was clearly better than expected… feel much better than areas where it has not been applied. I find this product very helpful!”

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Izya K,

“pain in ribs… AcheRelief allowed me to sleep at night… sprained my right ankle… soothed the pain almost immediately… healed much more rapidly than expected…  healed a large area of my [“mummy”] skin.”

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Joni S, 

“reduce[s] numbing and tingling in my neck due to 4 bulging disks… jaw pain pressure in both my ears stops within a few minutes”

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“deep, striking pain, as well as a superficial surface level [pain from] Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) for 12 years… from my toes and feet… thighs… right hip and back; with my feet and hip being the most painful areas… pain relief quite substantial… overall pain levels had come down…”

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Randy Kunkee, Investor in Younger Phenotype

“I’ve used AcheRelief to treat tennis elbow, sore forearm muscles, sore/strained anterior deltoid, sore feet… hands and neck… sciatic nerve [sciatica]… knees patellar [pain]… Helps with restless legs and feet at night”

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David Kreimer, COO of Younger Phenotype

“…twisted ankles and knee pain… [AcheRelief] increase[d] my pain-free mobility… my right knee fully functional. I can now walk, jog and downhill ski again, all pain-free!”

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If you have a story that you would like to share, please email us at ordersupport@youngerphenotype.com – we would love to hear from you!

Money Back Guarantee

Your risk-free way to try AcheRelief.  As scientists, we understand that no medication will help everyone all the time.  However, owing to the unique design of our product and the stellar testimonials we are receiving, we are confident that AcheRelief is likely to help you.  If you are not satisfied with your results, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

Before exercising this guarantee, please consider taking into account the testimonials of our long-term users who intriguingly, often report a variety of additional benefits beyond expected pain relief.  These benefits often manifest and increase over time. These testimonials lead us to suspect that if you are dealing with pain in the larger joints (hips, knees, ankles and shoulders) it may take a longer time to see such benefits compared to smaller joints (fingers, toes, wrists and neck).  We suggest your particular situation may deserve to be more patiently explored; simply give AcheRelief some time to reveal its potential benefits.  Before making your final evaluation and exercising this guarantee consider using the entire jar.

If you are not completely satisfied with AcheRelief, we will reimburse your purchase price.  To exercise this guarantee, send us an email with your receipt (ordersupport@youngerphenotype.com) and return your empty jar.

This guarantee applies to one return per person/address and becomes void after 6 months from the date of sale.

I have found your copper cream works best if I simply take the time to rub it to where I feel pain, but in the past, I've applied ointments and creams and then wrapped the area with a cotton gauze bandage. What is best?

We do not recommend using occlusive bandages after applying AcheRelief.  The product is designed to work best when thoroughly massaged into the skin. Our unique copper color dosage-indicator embedded in the matrix of the cream helps to make each application “just right.” By “just right” we mean achieving “a sweet spot” of optimal pain-relief delivery while minimizing usage of the cream.

A typical application takes just a few minutes: add a small portion, rub, and see as you rub how the dosage-indicator color changes from blue to white to clear. Repeat “add, rub and see™” until white is slow to disappear. For more information, visit the “Description” tab in the left menu, and watch our short video on how to apply the copper cream for optimal results.

Please note, that when you massage the copper cream in properly, only traces of the cream will be left on the skin surface. If these trace amounts appear on bedding or clothing, they are readily removed by washing.

Considering there are so many copper products on the market, why should I buy AcheRelief?

In our analysis of competitors, we found that marketing claims made about products containing copper are scientifically unsubstantiated. So, we remain skeptical about their claimed therapeutic mechanisms of action and associated benefits.

In contrast, in our copper-containing cream, copper is included as a component of a unique color dosage-indicator (patent pending). Thus, in AcheRelief appears in the list of inactive ingredients.

At the same time, we cannot exclude that copper contributes to the unexpected beneficial effects of our product. These beneficial effects are reported by AcheRelief users and presented on our website (see “Testimonials” tab in the left menu).  Many researchers and physicians are unaware of numerous research publications about copper and its pharmacology in animals and humans (see the works of John R.J. Sorenson et al.).  These publications include clinical studies that were conducted in the 1950s through the 1980s. These clinical studies demonstrated the efficacy of certain copper-containing compounds in various arthritic and inflammatory conditions.

Copper is an essential micronutrient, meaning that it is critical for life.  A number of biochemical processes in the human body are absolutely defendant upon copper (read more at The Linus Pauling Institute; https://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/minerals/copper#reference2 ).

How is this product different from something I could get at a drugstore for much less money?

AcheRelief’s unique scientific design encompasses copper as a critical element of a color dosage-indicator. The copper color dosage-indicator technology helps users achieve reliable pain relief delivery. The cream includes high-quality emollient components found in expensive cosmetic products to deliver a soothing luxurious feel to the skin.  AcheRelief was formulated by American scientists with specialization in pharmacological delivery systems and nutritional biochemistry. It is manufactured in the FDA-certified facilities in California.

Do you ever run sales?

Yes, we ran a year-end holiday sale discounting the price by 20%. We also offer a 40%-discount for health care-professionals involved in fighting COVID-19.

If you are a returning customer and/or need help purchasing Ache-Relief due to economic hardship, please contact us at ordersupport@youngerphenotype.com or call us at (925)290-7437.

If I am not happy with the results, do you offer money back guarantee?

Whether you purchased our product on Amazon or on our website, we offer a satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. For more information, select the “Money Back Guarantee” tab in the left menu.

Can your product help my chronic back pain?

If you have chronic back pain, please consult a physician. We suggest that you share with your physician the growing body of evidence from AcheRelief users reporting benefits beyond the label indication: “the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints.” Examples of such extraordinary benefits include reports of AcheRelief not only alleviating chronic pain in back and neck, but even helping to heal back and neck arthritic joints. The evidence of benefits experienced by individual users are collected and published in the "Healing Your Condition" tab in the left menu, and under the “Back and Neck Pain and Arthritis” section. Since yoga, exercise and physical therapy are established to help with chronic back pain, we believe AcheRelief synergistically complements these therapeutic approaches.

We believe healing is more likely to occur with our product because it helps improve mobility, increases overall activity levels, and these all help the body to heal. Before engaging any new activity or exercise programs, we recommend consulting your physician.

Will it help my arthritic hands?

AcheRelief is indicated to help with arthritis pain.  Interestingly, a growing body of evidence from AcheRelief users shows that the benefits of this unique copper cream might extend beyond the label indication -- “the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints.”

Examples of these extraordinary benefits include not only the alleviation of pain, but even healing of arthritic joints of the hand.  The benefits experienced by individual users are collected and published in the "Healing Your Condition" tab in the left menu, and under the “Arthritis of the Hands, Wrists and Fingers” section. We believe this occurs because our product helps improve mobility, increases overall activity levels, and these all help the body to heal. Before engaging any new activity or exercise programs, we recommend consulting your physician.

I haven’t received the product yet, but ordered it weeks ago.

Thank you for alerting us to this missing shipment.

Upon receiving an order, we strive to ship the product on the same day. If too late in the day, we ship on the next working day. Our customers are automatically provided with a tracking number for their parcel.

Parcels are delivered to you via USPS (United States Postal Service). Please contact your local post office to inquire further. Once you learn of its status from USPS, please let us know if we can be of further help.