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A 24-year Stanford longitudinal study [1] demonstrates that extreme exercise extends life by approximately 7 years, pushes off disabilities by approximately 15 years, and reduces age-related diseases (cancer, stroke, etc.).  Younger Phenotype’s Aging Management System™ helps members achieve similar or better results without the pain and daunting effort of extreme exercise.

The Younger Phenotype’s Aging Management System™ is based on recent advances in aging research:  Aging is the loss of biological function and is driven by an embedded biological program.  Age-related disease, disability and death are the undesirable by-products of the operation of this program.  The program can run faster or slower depending on both genes and other life factors.

Fortunately, despite the wide spread belief, recent advanced genetic research shows that genes contribute relatively little towards aging. [2]

Therefore, the pace of aging can be significantly slowed by controlling these other life factors.  The System employs new and deeper understandings [3] of these factors.  With these understandings, aging management becomes practical.

Physical activity is a proven and immediately available life factor that can slow the pace of aging.  However, harnessing this powerful anti-aging factor is often elusive to those who suffer from pain.  Younger Phenotype’s position is that if pain in joints and muscles is reduced, even temporarily, then physical activity can be increased (under the guidance of a physician).  This seemingly simple approach has profound implications for slowing the pace of aging.

To enable higher levels of physical activity in pain sufferers, Ache-Relief™ was developed as our flagship product.  This state of the art topical analgesic cream advances our mission to help people maintain optimal function and “stay younger longer.” [4]  A growing number of testimonials corroborate that Ache-Relief™, as anticipated, helps users to regain and to maintain an active lifestyle.

It is not unexpected that harnessing the immediate pain-relieving properties of Ache-Relief™ can enable a user to feel comfortable enough, for a short time, to re-engage in his or her daily routines and physical activities.  Much more intriguing are reports from our users about the restoration of lost functionality.  Long-term users of our copper cream often observe that they eventually no longer need to use Ache-Relief™ because their pain and impaired functionality have disappeared.

We speculate that these observations support our vision that even modest, stepwise increases in physical activity lead to: an improved metabolic state; an enhanced capacity to heal the body beyond just the joints and connective tissue; and overall, a more youthful functionality (a younger phenotype).

The promise of restoration of functionality and healing is an exciting development.  At the same time, our Company recognizes that by achieving our goal of slowing the pace of aging, sufferers who heal will no longer need our product.  However, if ultimately we are successful at reducing age-related pain and suffering in this world, we will be very happy despite the loss of revenue.  Perhaps, if you find our product helpful, then you might consider sharing your observations with others.  By spreading the word, any lost revenue from those who have healed will be offset by the increased number of new users who will benefit from our unique product.


[1] James F. Fries (2012) ‘The Theory and Practice of Active Aging’ Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research   http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2012/420637

[2] Erikson et al (2016) ‘Whole-Genome Sequencing of a Healthy Aging Cohort’ Cell    http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2016.03.022; In the comment to the article, one of the study’s coauthors Ali Torkamani, director of genome informatics at STSI and assistant professor of molecular and experimental medicine at TSRI said:  “We didn’t find a silver bullet for healthy longevity”. http://www.scripps.edu/newsandviews/e_20160425/wellderly.html

[3] Proprietary aspects of this understanding encompass the unique 35-year experience of Thomas Nufert, co-founder, who served physicians and their patients suffering from intractable conditions as a biomedical consultant.

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